No Fear


We are vibration, our cells are mostly water being vibrated into existence by the DNA in the tiny nucleus interacting with the Aether. Feminine radiative energy flows out radially out of Aether as magnetism, pushing out. Male energy flows inwards centripetally creating mass. The holy trinity. Everything you do, think, consume, feel and live in vibrates and changes your DNA. None of your DNA is junk it holds everything that has ever happened to you and your parents. You can change this by what vibrations you allow into your Torus field. We can heal our entire bodies as most cells are replaced within a year. All cells in seven years. So the key is to change the vibration of your DNA so it stops reproducing damaged cells or packets of structured water. Remove all synthetics from you and your environment, clean spring water, non gmo, organic foods, clean natural environment and clean thoughts, emotions will heal your vibration so your bodies cells flower out in harmony instead of distorted. Cancer is simply a mutation caused by you changing the harmony of your symphony. Change your tune and you will vibrate in harmony and be healed. Cancer is just an imbalance or disharmony or dis-ease of your body. Your body can heal anything if you provide a conducive environment for it to heal. Alkaline environments prevent and remove these problems. Baking soda in your water, raw greens, cannabis and many other plants, apple cider vinegar, lemon water etc. cancer is not some mystery if you look for what’s causing it. But our society teaches us to search for the disease and cure when the cure is to prevent the acidic sugar rich synthetic environment they sell us everyday. It’s all money and greed, wake up! Heal yourself and fear nothing.



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