Age of Speedtime


As Miles Mathis has stated ”…gravitational field is proportional to radius only.” Another independent researcher, Ken L. Wheeler has done his part which he describes a revival of rational physics and understanding is returning after after a century of ”deep thinking insanity.” His theory of the connection from dielectricity to counterspace is almost directly applicable to the charge field of Mathis. They both explain the spacetime as something that exists in a field, contrary to the mainstream science investigating fields in Einstein spacetime. Thus we have two fields, the base and our perception and the latter is just a result of the basic one.

A lot of Ken L. Wheeler’s work is based on the science of late Walter Russell and his figurative explications of the field that creates our reality. Walter Russell named spins of particles of a basic field almost 100 years ago. Miles Mathis has in his papers shown a way to mathematically calculate these energies. The mathisfield is actually quite simple and does not need more than high school math.

The Wheeler approach is a fine tuning of the mathisfield where these two fields, and as named in his work, space and counterspace meet. The counterspace is significant to the mathisfield and the universe is an eletrical universe. Ken L. Wheeler’s mathematical solution is a spacetime, spatially additive and counterspatially multiplicative. The mathematical form of this can also be found all over nature and the pyramids of Giza. These numbers will lead to the Golden mean and phi+phi+1=phi³. So this is not new knowledge, it had just to be reinvented.

All space is pulsating in the manner Walter Russell showed in his paper on the Genero-radiative effect. Light as we experience it is the base of all matter and matter is thus light in different pressure zones with one radiative and one generative component working simoultaneously. There is no separation in this field, all is connected.

There are no straight lines in the universe, straight lines are only a product of our perception. The new scientists must be aware of this, our reality is an experience of a spherical kinematic breathing process. This process exists in everything, from the smallest bacteria to our own breathing and heartbeats and to the expansion-compression of the earth or the universe.

Our reality is a hologram so everything repeats itself in the different pulsating densities and dimensions. Perhaps it is time to change the pattern from spacetime to speedtime in this spherical experience of acceleration/retardation.

Ken L. Wheeler

Ken L. Wheeler Magnetism

Check also his great youtube presentations.

Miles Mathis

Unified Field

Walter Russell

Genero-radiative Concept






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